Friday, 26 February 2016




We dont need a special day to let mum know we love her and let her know how special she is. But yet she is the most taken for granted person there is. Untill you day you start to appreciate her.

Mum does know some of the designers obviously because we speak of them at home and because she has come across them herself, but although I did dress my daughter in a designer  dress when she was I born I myself had other priorities and never spoke of a designer again, untill now that I have some time to myself. I dont who would really be do silly as to think browsing or making a list means thats all the things I want, its about what fashion means to me.

She never brings bad sugars into the home, always cooks healthy, always tells us to have fruit for dessert, encourages us to engage in sports, not to put on weight, was always there for us when we got back from school, sends food almost daily its hard to imagine life without her and yet we still take her for granted. Since that day you didnt turn up at heathrow, didnt stop you from getting a job at heathrow. You take pictures of its I.T suite and pass it off as your own, serious security risk.

When parents make mistakes you never complian.

When asked what she wants for mothers day she will always say, she doesnt need anything.

What to get for mothers day.

Gifts grandchilden make at school or at home are always most loved, flowers well presented in a case, sweets are never really well received in our homes, eating out is always secobd to home comforts and clean healthy food.

With the additional option of being able for siblings to pull resources together,  its a good idea to buy her a present between all of you.

But I will put some ideas here.

evening look

Its always a good idea to ask your sister-in-laws what they are planning to give their mothers as you know they will be planning something great too.

Asian suits from green st or southall are usually always seen as a must, but with the trend towards ready made clothes these days get her size correct before you make a purchase.

Jewellery is always a good option when its the desired preference

Ambala sweets are recognised and appreciated,  so although sweets are not really appreciated, ambala always is.

You could always buy your mum an apple mac, tell her its for mothers day and then use it yourself.

Pots and pans always seem to light up anyones face, go with a nonstick range, as im sure she had never heard of zara and jumpers and wraps will make great presents too.

Other ootion ofcourse is harrods, ...

All of the suggestions here are my own and I am not promoting goods for a company or trying to take 25% cut of their profits.

Everyone I know has a cleaner so employment  of such people is not really something unusual,  so do give her the day off, even if it means hiring a cleaner for the day.

Cappachino or latte makers are also a thought but I am addicted
already, ...



#Updating in progress

It seems to be booked out, monday and tuesday tickets ? there was no monday and tuesday tickets.

If like me you just couldnt be bothered to go this year maybe you will see the fashion shows next year.
It serves no purpose to simply regergatate what has already been written in brochures and magazines or advertising pamphlets.

1400 calories for women and exercise. No blame, if your diet has been affected by health reasons beyond your control, eating as you used to, healthy and fresh.

Dreams of people wont stop from trying to rob from you, but while others are trying to increase the sales of coffee, corrupt the youth or simply exploit your inosence, dont be influenced by the corrupt ways of others.

1. Plan your days
2. Count calories
3. Refresh and detox
4. Put in the security measures and ensure everything is working
5. Save and invest


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