Sunday, 1 May 2016


With eid fast approaching following
the month of ramadan what have you planned to wear.

I saw everyone laugh at the snow fall in april yesterday, its the same people, weather so unpredictable.

Preparation in advance for ramadan and eid is key and lets make Pakistan great this year.




TIDY UP your websites and blog sites.

The last time I was out looking for a theatre production to watch, couldnt find anything of interest, it was just theatre giving the wrong message or some alteria motive marketing in process. I hope this doesn't deter me from going to the theatre but for now its the least appealing place.

I have instead started to focus on true islamic events which not to the surprise if many are if much greater interest and significance.

I am still me but people still write lies about me, so dont believe everything, especially / or not if its on the web.

Brothers are complaining about sisters wearing too much makeup, sisters are complaining about the brothers that waste their money on the latest phones, or cars which maybe they think is a substitute, or extention for a certain part of their anatomy, especially when their families are starving, when in actual fact a real brother doesnt infact criticise his real sister at all, ensures she has knowledge and allows her to accept the knowledge in her own time. Its not forbiden to have fun in islam, but people seem to think if you jest with your husband he must be your boyfriend.

I ring my brother at 2 or 3am in the morning sometimes, when I want to ask him something, because I lost track if time and he quietly says barj (which means older sister respectfully) do you know what time it is, and I say oh I didnt realise, there here within minutes if theres any trouble and my sisters are the first to jump up and make me a cup of tea if Iask for a cuppa,

If my brother says I dont want to walk around too much after work when in harrods, im surprised it doesnt make front page head lines the way everyone stares and the rest of their good deeds I couldn't even begin to share with you.

When I am ill and my mum sends me food, they say we must be spoilt.

Yet it is the people that tell us we are spoilt and yet its them that would do anything for money, whether it took them 4 years to more...its the same people it always was causing problems and probably always will be and hence rest my case.

We can only help to point people in the right direction without futher outting ourself at more risk with the greed and jelousy of others and the rest of islamic knowledge is down to the individual itself.



What are you upto this long weekend, maybe you are making the most of your lounge weekend wear or dressing up for meeting up with friends and family or maybe you are unfortunate enough to have to work, this weekend. 
I substituted the leggins for these lounge pants and capri in end.

You don't have to follow only on the web, which is also made up of nuisance trouble makers which have nothing better than to inconvenience others. Read genuine islamic literature.



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