Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tharparkar District


1. Combat disease and water shortage at the same time.

2. Imunisations to be administered at the same time.

3. Wells and water supplies to be brought in from the next town in the immediate but look towards formation of wells and water pipes from the next town.

4. Zakat money is needed here for immediate water supplies

5. Further charity funding and fund raising can help towards the futher projects for wells and water pipes.

6. Volunteers and 100% of donations are needed for quick results as the water is needed now.


We need road closures to stop more people getting cancer from the polution and to so people that live here can go about their lives without having to wait in traffic for 1 hour just to take kids up the road for school, or  an hour in the car for shopping just to go up the road.

Road are dirty and damaged, keep your town clean and put rubbish in the bins provided.

Keep to sn orderly queue and dont try to board thd bus like jungle animals, otherwise installing rails at bus stops would be good idea 


You would be surprised.

you made your bed now you should lie in it.

My dad told me all about the politicans and my sister isha, told me all about the sisters.

Its rare person that doesnt compromise belifs and values for corruption.


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